Friday Faux Pas: Get a Bigger Coat

As men attempt to find the most tailored look possible and as cropped styles continue to push the line between jacket and arm chaps, the opportunity for a certain mistake will become more and more prevalent.
Looking a little short here.
This post was actually triggered by a particular gentleman that was attending a polo match last Sunday, who was admittedly stylish and fashionable, but there was just one problem. The start of the event, coming out of the party bus he arrived on, the jacket was worn normally and as the day wore on, the sleeves were soon hiked up for a more casual look, but could only be attested to the fact that his jacket was too small in more than one way.

There are three critical fit points when it comes to jackets; the sleeves, the length, and the collar. Traditionally the sleeve should hit right where the thumb meets the wrist, the bottom of the jacket should be as long as your first set of knuckles with your arms at your side, and the collar should rest on the neck and fall flat on the shoulders, whether its worn normally with a dress shirt or casually with a tee; everything else comes down simply to fit preference and comfortability. Of course, there are allowances for different styles, but then the adage surfaces about all things in moderation.
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another one of my fashion faux pas!