Celebrity Saturday: Bruno Mars

One of the hottest new songs out right now happens to feature a lovely little 70's groove to it, and goes by the name of Uptown Funk. Even if you haven't seen the music video, you've surely heard the jam and recognize the silky smooth voice who sings it. Bruno Mars brings it with every song; the man just knows how to hit a note and back it all up with some great dance moves. But on top of all that, he also knows what to do in terms of style, remaining classically iconic while still being the right amount of flashy. He did have a little misstep when it came to his curlers on the finale for The Voice, but we can let it slide this once. Take heed to his style, wearing exactly what he wants to help his true character apparent to everyone, staying true to who he wants to be, not what his clothes might say he is.
Check in tomorrow for a recap of the week's topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity influence!