Friday Faux Pas: Below the Belt

Look around any menswear blog and one of the most important accessories across all styles is going the tie. Skinny, wide, knit, woven, whatever it may be, they are all part of the same effort to elevate style from basic to extraordinary.
Which one looks best to you?
And there are any number of rules pertaining to ties, but there is one that is very simple to abide by but unfortunately not always adhered to. The bottom of any tie should never fall below the belt line of your pants. This rule is absolute, completely black and white, so either follow or be relegated to schlup status. The only time this rule may be void is when high- waisted pants are involved, in which case its your duty to feel it out and see what works and feels best. Otherwise, if the dude abides, everyone should.
Get it right!
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!