Celebrity Saturday: Humphrey Bogart

It's very easy to identify a classic, looking back through pictures of any star and seeing that the grand majority happen to be black and white or noticeably re-render in color. Plenty of major stars of the 50's were the tail end of this era, but their predecessors paved the way, with one in particular. Humphrey Bogart may sound familiar, but the name will hit home when you actually see a picture. Bogart was involved in so many movies that a significant portion of what Hollywood is today could and should be attributed to his success as an actor. The man had a style that was classically beautiful, a look that was synonymous with the sleek upper-class of the day, and yet, could still be surprisingly disgraced and rugged when it needed to be. Just goes to show how versatile a single look or piece can be when you know how to wear it.

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the week's topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity influence!