Threads for Thought: Lighten Up Your Wallet

There is plenty of change going on in the men's landscape, shaking up the norms across the board from clothing to accessories. Take the briefcase, for example, being scraped down to its bare bones and then recreated in fantastic new colors. 

That is no different for that culmination of leather in your back pocket holding of your financial goodies together. Its time to lose that dull black or brown version (especially if its a tri-fold) and work into the great new options out there. Don't go as far as matching a wallet to a briefcase, that's just foolish, but getting a wallet that instills some pride and excitement every time you go to pay the bill. And its okay to be over the top, its not a shirt that's going to look tacky after wearing it three times or patterned sport coat, its a wallet that comes out every once a while. Whether its a cool leather or a unique detail, make sure its memorable.
Gucci: $420

Ted Baker: $49
Herschel: $30

Check in tomorrow for this week's edition of Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for another piece that deserves your consideration!