Tech Tuesday: Le Labo Solid Cologne

It's understandable that after going through the search for a fragrance, the average man tends to stick with the winning spritz for a long time. Not much has changed in the way of fragrances, and for that matter cologne, since the noses started putting the fancy smell inside the fancier bottles. But before all these sprays and aerosols, men and women carried around perfume boxes that essentially over powered their body odor. Le Labo is a perfume boutique in New York City that offers a full range of scents and conventional applicators, but their latest innovation, solid perfume. Using a combination of wax and oils, they have managed to neatly package their fragrances in a neat metal, on-the-go packaging. Just apply the scent as if it were a stick of deodorant or chapstick, and smelling like a million bucks in no time.

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