Wardrobe Essentials: Your Grandpa's Sweater

Remember that little trend that went around recently? It had to deal with the emergence of shows like Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men, and had men all over developing a look in memoriam to a once glorious time in men's wear. With the cold about to set in, there is one part of this look in particular that will keep you warm and add touches of detail and texture for your wardrobe.
Adam Gallagher knows how it goes.
The question could be addressed for why the Cardigan sweater ever faded to the background, but that is a debate for another time. The important thing is that they have a made a come back and will be a staple layering piece for you this winter and a great transition piece for spring (whenever that comes around). If this item isn't familiar, it is a sweater with an open chest that buttons up the front and there won't be any shortage of the style no matter what your favorite designer may be.
Perfect fall get up!
Since there will be a good selection available, find something that is unique, that really catches the eye in a good way. One of the better varieties out there will have contrast detailing either on the button line or on the pockets if they are present, but seeing as it will be layered in with simpler pieces, the floor is open for creativity and boldness. Bright Colors? Interesting patterns? Deep weaves? Do it all, this is an opportunity to express some real character! Just make sure to leave the top and bottom buttons undone.
Ralph Lauren: $165
J. Crew: $118
Uniqlo: $30
Check in tomorrow for fashion piece that deserves your consideration and next Wednesday for another piece that needs to be in your closet!