Threads for Thought: Duck Boots

This coming season isn't exactly what you would peg down as dry or bearable. Many times, you'll find yourself having to trek through sleet, snow, wind, rain, and frigid cold, and that calls for a boot that can handle the elements for however long winter is supposed to last this year.
Duck boots were designed with this exact climate dilemma in mind, providing the wearer warmth and comfort within a water-tight construction. Easily distinguished by their rubber bottoms, gum heel, and treated leather, duck boots will keep all the elements at bay this season. Not to say that their is only one company out there making this variety of boot, but L.L. Bean is the connoisseur, and most times their version and others similar will be referred to as Bean Boots.
They will come in low-cut, ankle, and calf lengths and with linings for more or less insulation depending on how rugged and warm you need them to be. Buy for your climate and buy for your needs; Florida is wet and hot, get the low cut variety with minimal lining, and Chicago is freezing with a "dash" of snow and wind, at the very least you should have the ankle cut with Thinsulate lining. Regardless of the situation, duck boots will come in handy at some point and you'll be happy you decided to get a pair.
Brooks Brothers: $198
L.L. Bean: $139
Sorel: $125
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