Tech Tuesday: Sony QX-1

Note: It works with Apple and Android alike!
In a world where interactions have become highly visual and documented, where millions on millions of pictures are shared across the world at any given moment, a good camera is paramount in truly capturing a moment in time. A Leica or DSLR would be great to have at all times, but not everyone has the means or the capacity to use such devices, not to mention they take up space. Smart phone cameras get better and better and apps for photo editing have come a long way, but they still lack in the quality that comes with an actual camera. Enter the Sony QX-1, a new take on professional photography. This lens-based camera uses WiFi or NFC alongside the Sony PlayMemories app to turn your ordinary smart phone into a 20.1 megapixel camera, and the best part is that this lens works with all existing Sony lens attachments; a seamless transition for any photogs out there. At a price point of $400, its comparable to most low end cameras while having the power of a professional. Pre-order yours HERE!

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