Monday Outlook: Oxblood

Leather is an important part of fall/winter style, and chances are the average wardrobe has a black or brown version, whether its a rugged biker jacket or sleek bomber. That's a particular issue with cold weather wardrobes, mostly neutral pieces that mesh well together, but it's about time a wrench gets thrown into the gears.
There is a reddish tint of leather that goes by a couple names; burgundy, cognac, maroon, mahogany, etc. All these names refer to what is known as Oxblood and that is admittedly a much more masculine name that associates itself with a hint of badassery. This color wouldn't necessarily be a neutral, but it plays with hues much more easily than most reds, giving it the wearability of a neutral without the blandness. Jackets? Bags? Shoes? Wrist wear? If it has leather, there is a chance it comes in Oxblood.
Just because it is a popular leather hue doesn't mean it has to be limited to just leather goods. There are any number of pieces in the fall/winter fabric array that will feature this color and will work just as easily as any of the previously mentioned leathers, and will be much more affordable. Once again, with layering, keep the pieces simple but with loads of texture to give they'd a little friction as it looks through the outfit; throw in a piece or two of Oxblood in with some neutral pieces, and watch the red pop!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion insight for the coming months!