Tech Tuesday: Apple's Big Play

As per usual, Apple goes ahead and announces the release of the new iPhone 6 line, the first ever iWatch, and a piece of software that happens to work with both, Apple Pay. Their isn't much different about the new iPhone from its predecessors, a little faster and a little bigger, but the major improvement has to be with the screen; originally glass and now scratch and crack resistant crystal that can be found on the iPhone 5's home button due to its finger print clarity and durability. The iWatch was somewhat underwhelming, with expectations of a great looking piece that would set itself apart from other smart watches, after all the company did make a concerted effort to head hunt some big wigs in the fashion and watch community. Future iterations should be more enticing with the addition of more elegant designs as there may be some reluctance to buy in to just another smart watch and not "the" smart watch. Apple Pay may be the most controversial of the releases, as the company's security was brought into question with the leak of certain celebrity photos. Depending on the overall success or failure of all these new things, we might be hanging on yet another year for a truly groundbreaking technology or witnessing the start of the rotten Apple.

Check in tomorrow for an essential style piece for your closet and next Tuesday for more exciting technology!