Monday Outlook: Toggles

Most of your fall/winter apparel has buttons, zippers, clips, ties, etc. They all serve a purpose, but they rarely add to the aesthetic of the piece they are on. Yeah, you may have a quarter-zip pullover, but the zipper characterizes the piece without distinguishing it (there is a difference).
One of the greatest details you'll have to look forward to is the toggle closures of a number of different garments. Most notably used on the traditional duffle coat, toggles are undoubtedly nautical in nature, but seem to add a rustic feel to any outfit. With any luck, there'll be a few shoulder button sweaters out there that replace the old-school buttons with some nifty little wooden pegs. Really, a toggle can come in any size or design, with each providing their own character to elevate any piece they're on.
The previously mentioned duffle coat will be the most readily available toggle piece as most designers make their own iterations, but don't be limited in the search for something unique. Look to some nautical brands to most creatively use toggles and rough wear companies to display the most diverse array of toggle styles. Another thought for revamping an existing coat or sweater would be to get some of the critical buttons replaced with toggles; you'll save money and revive an old favorite.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new technology and next Monday for further fashion trend insight into the coming months!