Friday Faux Pas: Novelties

Trends are great and all, but following them blindly leads to a path of wasteful spending and a closet full of items that will never be worn again; items so dated that even if they are a spring floral, it will be so significantly noticeable as last year's style that you can't wear it next season.
The epitome of novelty: tacky Hawaiian shirts.
Pieces like this as well as others that are designed specifically to stand out in a garish way are called novelties, a big no-no when it comes to timeless style. They are one hit wonders (if that) with very limited use afterwards due to the fact that they are so memorable that wearing them multiple times puts the wearer in the "begging for attention" bucket. Take for example Vineyard Vines ties, pretty well made ties that have interesting prints, but they are so overtly southern collegiate that they are only really acceptable at a frat tailgate or at a horse race in the south. Now look at an Hermes tie, a high quality tie but with similar aesthetics, yet their ties can be worn at the previously mentioned events and then again the next week for a big board meeting; they provide a playful edginess that still remains classic. There is a bit of grey area between novelty and classic and for the adventurous, they should play with that area, otherwise stay comfortably in the classics zone to avoid any tackiness (this applies to any and all wardrobe items, not just ties).
Alternative: simple Hawaiian florals
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!