Celebrity Saturday: Steve McQueen

There are few people in this world who have had such a total impact on fashion, let alone men's fashion. Trends come and go and people fade in and out of the spotlight, but this one person in particular has remained an influence long after his years. Steve McQueen, also known as The King of Cool, is the main reason why biker jackets and bombers are so popular right now and why, to this day, the rebel style is so popular. He was a renowned actor from Indiana with a love of all things exhilarating and dangerous. McQueen is still remembered for all of these traits, but in the men's wear world, he is an inspiration for many designers around the world and a role model for anyone attempting to look like a rakish and rugged badass; he also drove around in some spectacular automobiles in his day, and that's what everyone likes!

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the week's topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity influence!