Wardrobe Essentials: The Grey Flannel Suit

It's coming up to the day, aka Labor Day, where it will no longer be acceptable to wear your airy linen and cotton suits; full disclosure, this rule is quite outdated and foolish, but it's good to at least be  prepared for when it actually does start cooling down. The cold weather calls for wool suits and outerwear that keep the iciness at bay.

The quintessential winter suit could be debated for a few days before any real answer sprouted, but one winter suit that gives you the warmth you need while giving you a fresh canvas to work with is the grey flannel suit. Distinguished by its heftier, grittier weave, flannel fabric adds dimension to any garment and functions as an extra thick barrier from the elements (wind, sleet, snow, etc). The grey just makes it very timeless due to its neutrality, so you'll be wearing yours for many years to come.
Pair with a turtleneck for extra texture.
Going along with the "timeless" factor, go with something with a flat front trouser and a notch lapel to avoid any dating or seasonality. Same goes with pattern as you should try to go as plain as possible; any striping or plaid should be minimal/hardly visible. This will leave you room to pair the suit with some more lively tones without any clashing. One of the best style moves you can do with a suit like this is to wear it with brown suede; the doubled down texture makes both features pop in an amazing way!
Ralph Lauren: $1295
Brooks Brothers: $1198
J. Crew: $650
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