Threads for Thought: Varsity Jackets

You all remember high school, whether it was a year ago or 30, it was essentially the main building block to who you are now. The same sentiment goes for college, although some of those memories may be a little hazy thanks to your best friend, whiskey. Nonetheless, both of these environments produced a very important piece that has remained a staple in collegiate prep style.
The varsity jacket was meant for exactly what its name infers, members of the varsity teams from football to the band would receive one as a token of their participation. Featuring a felted wool body and leather armed construction, they were emblazoned with school monograms, sports affiliations, and screamed school pride in the respective school's colors. Not to say that they are no longer important in that manner, but these jackets are making waves in the fashion world with big name designers putting their own twists on the iconic classic; luxe materials, company branding, almost as if you were pledging allegiance to a specific designer by wearing it.

With the trend towards separates this fall, a varsity jacket will make a compelling contrast if paired with some suit pants, shirt, tie, and some crispy clean trainers. Or you can throw it on with dark jeans and a shirt, or even tailored sweatpants and a graphic tee; the options are really up to what you feel comfortable with. With your buying decision, find a jacket with a simple color palette (preferably neutral) so you can wear it more often and pair it with just about anything in your existing wardrobe.
J. Crew: $995
Ralph Lauren: $595
Todd Snyder: $199
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