Threads for Thought: Cocktail Cuffs

You may find yourself wanting to dress up for an occasion but don't want to be the guy that over did it, but you still want to stand out. Everyone has a nice suit, sport coat, tie, shoes, whatever the item may be, they're all quite commonplace in today's world of men's wear. So what's something that you don't see out there as much as other items, if at all?
I forgot to mention, this is the quintessential Bond shirt.
There is a specific type of shirt out there that has a special cuff on it, which may help with the whole differentiation problem, the cocktail cuff shirt. This cuff is the cutaway cousin of the French cuff shirt that makes it much less formal and all the more unique. Unlike the French style, the cocktail cuff doesn't require cuff links; it's just like any other barrel or mitered cuff shirt you own, just with some extra fabric to fold back over.
Simplicity is key with cocktail cuff shirts.
Keep this one simple, solid neutrals or simple patterns that pay some respect to formality, because the cuff is what you'll want people to pay attention to. The arm of your coat will fall nicely over top the cuff (if not, the cuff may be too big), giving the whole look an extra bit of contrast without any extras. The only thing you have left to do is partake in exactly what the shirt was named for, have a cocktail or two and relax!

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