Friday Faux Pas: V-Neck Tees

Right now, in the men's world, there exists an aura of informality and casualness that hasn't been seen in recent times. You can find guys heading to work without a tie or suiting up and throwing on some trainers, whatever the quirk may be, men are laying back and just going with the flow, in a good way.
Don't do this.
When it comes to shirts, there is one that needs to be avoided to avoid looking like a guido douche, fresh off the Jersey Shore strip. V-necks, as if the crew neck tee weren't good enough, are meant to be a bit more cool and comfortable by not constricting your neck; I'm sorry, but if your neck is too thick for a crew neck, you have another problem entirely. If you have any v-necks, do yourself a favor and throw them out or donated them to make room for some nice crew necks. The only time a v-neck is acceptable is in the form of a sweater, as they allow for your shirt collar to open up naturally.
Do this!
Check in tomorrow for a celebrity style influence and next Friday for another installment of Friday Faux Pas!