Wardrobe Essentials: Shoe Trees

If you have listened to any of these Wardrobe Essentials posts, then you're either considering or already have a shoe rack that is getting pretty full. One of the main concerns with shoes, being that they tend to be the most expensive items, is the care and prolonging of their life in your closet. The list goes on for the ways to take care of your shoes, but the easiest one you can do requires almost no effort to do.
They come in all shapes, colors, and functionalities.
Shoe trees are something that should be in every pair of your shoes, especially the leather-soled variety. They are made to fill your footwear when they're not on your feet, in effort to hold the shape and aid in the breaking in of the shoes. The wood variety are the ones you should be looking for (especially cedar) as it will perform all the functions of a regular shoe tree while also deodorizing that foot stank from your shoes. I prefer to keep them all very similar, if not matching, to give your shoe collection a clean and unified look that wow impress anyone that sees it.
Stop in at the Woodlore website for all the shoe trees you'll need!
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