Threads for Thought: The Graphic Tee

Most of the t-shirts you own should be very simple, playing the base to all of your casual outfits and leaving room for creativity with the other pieces you have on. But this is admittedly a little boring and leaves you wanting more out of your tee.
Just a sighting at New York Fashion Week.
A graphic tee is a sure cure for a bland t-shirt collection and will boost the character of anything you wear with it. Use the tee as a way to channel your interests and passions so that people know what you're all about; like a band or movie character, then go buy something featuring them. It is important that you actually have some level of interest in what you're wearing as you're bound to get a question or comment during the time that you wear it. Although you'll want to stay in your comfort with what shirt to wear, venturing outside of it will be key in finding the perfect graphic tee for yourself.
Urban Outfitters: $24
Spencer's Gifts: $22
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