Threads for Thought: Suspenders

The standard guy out there uses a select few furnishings on the daily, ranging from ties, belts, pocket squares, and then other pieces that are associated with ties (tie bars, clips, collar bars, etc.). That's been the status quo for far too long, and staying too long in one spot, when it comes to fashion, is a bad idea. That's why this accessory needs to be revived from your grandpas closet and put in its new place with your wardrobe.
There aren't very many rules, just do what's comfortable.
Suspenders aren't foreign to anybody, they just haven't seen their heyday since the 1950's, but seeing that men's wear is heading down the Mid-Century Modern facade, its about time we bring them back. My advice, ditch the belt for a couple of days and rock the suspenders to see what kind of remarks you get; if people call you Steve Urkel, maybe donate them to someone else. In a world wear everything is fairly simple, go for a set of braces that has some flare to them with an unusual pattern, eye-popping color combo, or unique leather. Just don't break the bank for them, you'll want the extra money for revamping your fall?winter wardrobe.
The Tie Bar: $25
The Tie Bar: $25
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