Friday Faux Pas: Lose the Bottom Button

Suits and sport coats are quintessential pieces when it comes to the men's fashion world, but they also happen to be the easiest to mess up. There are a number of ways for you to botch the whole thing, but there is one in particular that you're not even thinking about that will not only look bad, but also ruin the suit.
This is not how to button your suit.
Most men think that because their jacket has 2 or 3 buttons means that you have to use all of them, but this is more faux pas than most of the topics I have brought up previously. Yes, the buttons are there and the button holes are functional, but like your steaks off the grill today, LEAVE THEM ALONE! On a two-button suit, you should only be using the top button and for a three-button jacket, you should utilize the middle button and extremely sparingly use the top button when its windy or blizzarding.
Take notes, class.
Rule of thumb for any number of buttons on a coat is to use the one that is at or above your belly button and this is on purpose so that the fabric can fall naturally while you go about your day. The more you button it up, the more constricted and the more tug the suiting will experience, warping the silhouette and permanently altering the piece in a bad way. So for the sake of your style and the sake of your jacket, forgo all the buttons and literally do the bare minimum.
Thanks for leading the way Leo!
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another edition of my fashion faux pas!