Threads for Thought: The Long Shirt

As of this season, there has been an emergence of a shirt style that is typically reserved for your lady friend when she uses your shirt to sneak off to the bathroom in the morning. Although it is traditionally a man's clothing item, it has been lost in the women's fashion world for a while.
Just Kanye being Kanye...more stylish than everyone.
Tunics are distinguished by their classic fit in the chest and shoulders, but with a much longer torso that is designed to rest at or below your run-of-the-mill suit jacket. The garment stems back since before Socrates was teaching Plato a thing or two in the Aegean. Typically simple in design, they provide you with a blank canvas to work in more adventurous pieces around it.
Billy Reid seems to be up to speed on things.
My shirts might as well be considered tunics being as long as they are (I'm tall), but it has proved hard to find an actual tunic length shirt that I can get a proper look at; fashion is full of diamonds in the rough, you have to dig through some shit to find some gold. I suggest going in and trying at least one on before you make your decision on this style as it just might not be for you,especially if you're short.

Check in tomorrow for another edition of my Friday Faux Pas and next Thursday for more style pieces that deserve your consideration!