Friday Faux Pas: Shirt and Tie Combos

One of the biggest hassles of my day-to-day is picking out my shirt and tie combos. Yes, it is tedious,  but it ends up being a major part of my style for the day, so what if they had a way for someone to make the decision for you? They do, and it comes in the form of those boxed up shirt and ties neatly packaged together and already paired up "perfectly" for you. There are an exceeding enormity of issues I have with this practice, but I'll try to narrow it down.
One of the biggest culprits of "style" that I know of.
For one, they are usually hideous combinations of cheap product that would otherwise have very little profit margin for the company if sold separately. And who do you think is in charge of combination selection? It's sure as hell not anyone you know or trust to pick clothes for you. Tu only time I might find this acceptable is if it's tuxedo furnishings for a strict black tie event and you plan to throw it all out the next day. Do yourself a favor and avoid the disappointment all together, because receiving compliments for your own hard work is much better than he "hard work" of someone you don't even know.

Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another edition of My fashion faux pas!