Tech Tuesday: Apple Does it Again

This week marks the arrival of the WWDC which is the foremost Apple conference in the world and is usually the place where all the major releases for the company are announced. So whats the biggest news so far? The new operating systems for both the Mac and mobile devices were debuted and there wasn't a shred of disappointment to be found.

If you have lost count like I have, you've given up on the big releases of iOS and have just resorted to the number that follows. This is the 8th iteration of the touted software and by the looks of things, it is more intuitive and user friendly than ever; everything about it seems to flow and is quite nice to look at. The big developments are the updates to iCloud, allowing you to access any file at anytime, and the new health features that monitor your activity without the need to download a third-party app.

Next is the Mac, with the release of OS X Yosemite, which is essentially a beautification and revamp of Maverick. Maverick was a free release at the beginning of the year with some minor touch ups from its predecessor, but it is acting as the frame work for Yosemite. Designed to mirror the form and function of iOS 8, you'll eventually have to stop yourself from touching the screen instead of using the keys and mouse. In tandem, your iPhone with iOS 8 acts as a WiFi hot spot for your Mac, giving you access to the web no matter what!

Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your wardrobe and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!