Monday Outlook: Printed Swimwear

The outlooks have been flip flopping between summer and fall transition, so I apologize for any discontinuities, but I felt it necessary to get in a major summer movement before it was to late. Everyone should have at least one pair of board shorts or trunks that they can always rely on for any water-related activities, but this summer calls for a little extra UMPH!
Simple and impactful all in one piece.
Loud and proud, printed swimwear is the latest and greatest with beach season in full focus. This means warm and cool tones mixed together or separately paired with neutrals to create vibrant bottoms for everyone to take notice of. As for the patterns, your guess is as good as mine; depending on the designer, you could get a minimalist pattern that subtly brings the heat or a Hawaiian print that screams your lassiez faire attitude to the masses.
Cool tones, playful patterns.
Either way you like it, keep them short and comfortably loose to allow full range of motion for whatever comes your way. This is also a nice little trick to limit the effects of sea lice, if you are unfortunate enough to get caught by the jellyfish larvae; less clothing means less contact points for them to stick to. This wave of swimwear is neatly coinciding with the Carnival celebration, so show your Brazilian spirit!

Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for more trend insight for the upcoming season!