Wardrobe Essentials: Blue Face, Silver Band

Its easy to go out and buy a whole lot and have something to wear for every occasion, but its much more difficult to buy just the essentials and be surprised how versatile they are in your wardrobe. This addition (if you can control your shopping urges) will fit any occasion and and match with nearly everything.

Watches are a big investment piece for any man, similar to women and purses, and the more usable a single piece is, the more valuable it is to your collection. Now I'm not one to limit myself when it comes to watches, but the one I find myself wearing more often than not is more stainless, blue faced watch. Silver is the vanilla of metals, making it easy to match with everything and the blue face runs the middle ground of dressy and casual.
Tag Heuer: $1950
Bulova: $188
Lucien Piccard: $80
The more classic the face, the better, as simplicity always out runs any fad. Slimmer features are also highly recommended so that the watch blends with your outfits and doesn't become the WOW factor of all of them; great watches get asked about, garish ones only get noticed. So if you're in the market and don't already have one or simply starting your watch collection, go with the blue and silver.

Check in tomorrow for a fashion piece that begs your consideration and next Wednesday for more essential wardrobe additions!