Threads for Thought: Luxe Sweatpants

Yes, it is getting warmer. No, I'm not advising that this item is a great idea to wear on the town during a summer day. But, if done right, they will be able to take you from casual to dressy just by changing a couple things up top.
I can't believe they're not sweatpants!
Luxe sweatpants aren't terribly hard to find, every designer will have them in their inventory, its just a matter of finding them in stores to get a size. The ideal pair will be dark, slim, cuffed, and feature more than just two pockets. All these features will make the sweatpants seem like just another pair of tapered pants so that no one questions your decision to wear sweatpants. There isn't much more to say about them, just stick to the guidelines and you'll be good to go; otherwise, you'll look like you just finished up your daily lift.
Ralph Lauren: $395
Betabrand: $98
J. Crew: $85
Check in tomorrow for another edition of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for more style pieces that beg your consideration!