Friday Faux Pas: Fanned Out Ties

Suit and tie has a certain connotation that comes along with it a sense of tidiness and crispness, the same can be said for a shirt and tie. So attention to detail, ensuring every part of your suit-up is as close to perfect as they can be, is a necessity, but lately a mini-trend is forming that doesn't seem to jive with this tidiness.
So many great things, until the tie came in...
I don't think the style has an official title, but I like to call it fanning out your tie, or having both the fat and skinny part of your tie showing. I'm not sure the purpose it, maybe to make the tie look thicker or to add an extra level of pseudo-layering to your look, but it strays away from the principals of the suit and tie. Even if you were going to fan out with just a shirt, I would still have problems with it simply because it looks sloppy; sometimes it looks good, but still very sloppy.
Different tie, same problem.
Don't abandon uniqueness for tidiness, you should still look to spice up your look with pattern, texture, and color. Notice I didn't say wearing something the way it wasn't meant to be. Fanning out your tie parallels with wearing dirty shoes with your suit, which you already know I have a problem with from a previous Friday Faux Pas.
Just don't do it...please. I asked nicely.
Check in tomorrow for a celebrity style influence and next Friday for another edition of Friday Faux Pas!