Celebrity Saturday: Kevin Ollie

Looking back, it seems like a month ago that the UConn Huskies dominated the basketball world yet again in both men's and women's. If you know me, it was particularly hard to watch the women's final as they crushed my alma mater. But one thing stood out to me during the men's game (other than the Kansas player with a Ralph Lauren paisley under his jersey), and he was former player and current coach, Kevin Ollie.
Simple. Classic. Easy.
Kevin Ollie played college ball for the Huskies in the early 90's and had a very traveled professional experience having been a member of 13 teams over a 15 year span. He has since become the coach of UConn, and in his first season as head coach, led them to a National Championship; not too shabby for a rook. And to top it all off, Ollie might be one of if not the best dressed coach on any basketball sideline, collegiate or professional.
The black suit never looked so good on the court.
As for how he does it, he isn't doing anything special. No Craig Sager-esque outfits or even accessories, everything that Ollie wears is classic and simple. What makes it all look spectacular is the impeccable tailoring of his sideline suits; all of them seem to fit him like a second skin. I'm not sure if he picked this practice up during his tenure in the NBA, but by simply having the right tailoring, he takes a seemingly cookie-cutter outfit to couture levels.
Winning team. Winning style.
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