Sunday Recap

Here are the links from the past week if you didn't have a chance to see them earlier this week:

Monday: Color Blocking
Tuesday: Craft Check
Wednesday: Glen Plaid Sport Coat
Thursday: Knit Ties
Friday: The Sock Dilemma
Saturday: Victor Cruz

I know it seems like quite the disconnect, but the look you would compile from this week's topics would be elegant and casual. I'm thinking a pair of white jeans and white shirt with your glen plaid blazer and a springy knit tie. Roll the jeans up an extra inch and go sock less for a fresh off the boat kind of look that everyone knows and loves. I personally engaged in this kind of look this week at work and felt like a million bucks, chances are you will too!

Check in tomorrow for more fashion trend outlook for the upcoming season and all next week for even more great style advice!