Monday Outlook: Black and White

I know I referred to a trend about black and white jeans for this season, this will be a great start for another trend essentially piggy backing the grey scale trend into fall and winter. You're gonna think its a little monotone and mime-ish, but when done right, you'll have heads turning.
From the pages of GQ, Pharrell knows how B&W works!
Black and white outfits seem too simple to be first, then all the sudden you realize that the simplicity is the key to why it looks so great. The idea is to block them as to avoid looking like you're attempting some misplaces tonal look that should probably be tucked away for the summer. Striped or patterned shirts and t-shirts will make this trend very easy to adopt, and pairing them with those jeans that you already have will complete the look. The great thing about this trend is that no matter what you get, each piece is neutral and pair able with just about everything, making them staples for you down the road.
John Varvatos Spring/Summer collection featured a lot of B&W
Another exciting thing you can do is have that black and white base to anchor your outfit and then toss in a piece with some color to add a bit of pop to your get-up. It'll also highlight that specific piece as the black and whites fade to the foreground, almost like a primer coat before you paint on the intended color. This look is very versatile and chances are you won't have to spend very much to get the look because your closet is already stocked with blacks and whites (if it isn't, you may need to make a visit to your nearest mall).

Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for more upcoming fashion trends!