Saturday Spotlight: The Tie Bar

The most important aspects of any outfit are the details, and I never thought that this company would need to be the topic or a Spotlight. However, I have encountered a countless number of fashion enthusiasts who still are clueless to this company.

The Tie Bar is a great accessories company, started by Greg Shugar, specializing in ties, pocket squares, and yes of course, tie bars. The most attractive part of their offering is the fact that they're offering high quality products at near-consignment pricing. A $15 tie, $15 tie bar, and a $8 pocket square? Sounds like the foundations of a great accessory collection to me.
Such a wide selection of ties, squares, etc.
It is hard to find good ties, but The Tie Bar consistently offers quality products so there isn't much to worry about. My only guidelines are to stick with the wool and silk ties, whether they're knitted or knot. Some of their cotton ties look great but may or may not be as nice in person, so just avoid that hassle altogether by sticking to the classics.
GQ loves The Tie Bar! Get on board with the movement!
The company has recently expanded into lapel flowers and colored shoe laces but look for a combo offering between The Tie Bar and Greg Shugar's latest venture, The Thread Experiment. I haven't been able to find any info on this project, but i can assume it is centric to the ideals that The Tie Bar is founded on, so be on the lookout.

Check in tomorrow for a notable style icon and next Saturday for an exciting new company in the fashion industry!