Celebrity Sunday: Matthew McConaughey

As of late, this actor has fallen to the back burner as he has taken on roles in movies with very little following. However, the acting has remained some of the best in the business by far; his short part in The Wolf on Wall Street might have been some of the most memorable minutes in that marathon of a movie.

Matthew McConaughey has been on the Hollywood scene for quite a while now and has starred in a variety of romantic comedies, action thrillers, and dramatic classics. This can only be chalked up to the fact that his acting and personality can be geared in variety of roles to pump out the award nominations. Tonight, he's up for the Best Actor at the Oscars for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, which was phenomenal, but he has some stiff competition this year with Leo and Christian Bale at the front of the pack with him.
This is how casual should be done.
His style has been most interesting because like most of the celebrities featured, they have had to evolve over the years to stay relevant. But what is different with McConaughey is that he started out rough, like the kind of rough that could have been deemed helpless; there was a period from 1998-2003 wear he rocked the same leather jacket in just about every photo taken of him. And from these style ashes rose a well dressed, dapper phoenix that most men strive to achieve today. He went from Texas good-ole-boy to California king, and has since been featured on the covers of the men's fashion bibles, GQ and Esquire, multiple times.
Covering the spectrum from business casual to gunmetal formal.

I am very excited to see how he does tonight, hopefully he wins so that Leo will still have the motivation to make even more great movies.

Check in tomorrow for a forecast into upcoming style trends and next Sunday for another stylish celebrity influence.