Friday Faux Pas: Tattered Jeans

Many designers like to put their stamp on their jeans, whether it be their leather badge on the belt line or their logo embroidered on the coin pocket or the signature stitch work on the back pockets. Whatever it may be, these branding efforts tend to be something I can live with having on my lower half, but there is one thing that I simply cannot condone.
Jeans like this make me shudder.
Jeans that feature rips, tears, abrasion, pain splatter, extreme fading or washes, anything that is done to make the jeans look worn in and real-life tested; this might be the epitome of buying something you haven't earned, like fixing a championship game. Jeans are meant to be bought new and unworn and then all the wear and tear is supposed to happen later, giving the denim a look that is unique to you. Painters should have paint on their jeans in the same way that an action star will have some abrasion and cuts and abrasion, the jeans fit their lifestyle.
Are you a painter? No? Then you don't need these!
All in all, don't buy jeans that look like they've been worn buy some hobo before you had the chance to buy them. I'm not saying you need to buy raw selvedge, although I highly recommend it, I am saying however that you should skip the extra charge for beat up jeans, and get the fresh new pair that you can make your own.

Check in tomorrow for what will now be Celebrity Saturday and next Friday for more of my style pet peeves!