Celebrity Saturday: Jason Sudeikis

Going through the highlights of The red carpet at The Oscars, you'll find a lot of finely tailored tuxes and different statement pieces (e.g. Pharrell's capris). Of all these well dressed celebrities, one made a statement with his grooming alone, funny man Jason Sudeikis.
Want a girl like her? Try taking some cues from Sudeikis.
Getting his start, like most comedy stars, on Saturday Night Live heed propel his successful TV and movie career. But he wasn't always known for his fashionable ways and in his earlier days wouldn't have even popped up on the style radar. Nowadays you can find him rocking some impressive street style with scorcher Olivia Wilde; not to mention me has a bitchin beard set up with a classy coiffe to match.
Something about his look seems childish...but also grown up.
I personally like his sense of fashion because it has its own sense of sarcasm and unless he's attending some event, he dresses casual in a way that you simply can't. Maybe it's the beard that gives everything he wears a very authentic, almost ruggedly sophisticated twist, either way you should take a couple cues from Sudeikis for your look.

Check in tomorrow for the weekly recap and next Saturday for another celebrity fashion influence!