Tech Tuesday: Permanently Inked by Pininfarina

For some of you out there, your daily routine requires writing something down or signing something at some point; for everyone else, there will come a time where this becomes a part of your daily routine. Classy pens are something that every aspiring business executive should have, being a statement piece similar to the statement made by a watch.

A recent pen concept was released by designer Pininfarina, famed automotive designer responsible for the Ferrari P4/5, and it is a revolution to be reckoned with. There is the obvious argument for not spending money on a quality pen due to the increased importance of the Internet and electronic record keeping in business, but there will always be a need for physical print and approval as long as there are human beings.

4.EVER by Pininfarina: $TBA
This pen is completely handcrafted in Italy from aluminum, wood, and a special alloy that allows you to write with the same crispness as a sharp pencil while having the permanence of an ink pen, and to top it all off, it never needs to be refilled. Its official title is the 4.EVER and will be released alongside a stone paper notebook, which is a stronger stone powder alternative to regular paper.

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