Monday Outlook: Stand Out by Blending In

Its hard to think that such a pattern would be trending at any point in time, but I suppose the Spring is as good a time as any for it to make a splash. Its been used by the military, huntsman, and masters of hide-and-seek.

Camouflage is most definitely a statement piece in your style arsenal and one that should be used sparingly. It goes without saying that this trend is not for everyone, but for those brave enough can make the look work for them. Do not layer on the camos, do not wear bright orange with it, and to combine the previous two, do not wear colored camouflage; you're trying to accent your look, not duck hunting.
This is how you do it, if at all.
Many notable designers have taken the camo plunge. For instance, Ralph Lauren's store front (at least at the Gardens Mall) is filled with mannequins clad in the stuff and it looks good. I personally will not be partaking in the camo cult, but if you're thinking about it, go for a muted camo that comes off more tonal and opt for items that you won't care to throw away next Fall when they're no longer in style.
NN. 07: $165 
Banana Republic: $35
J. Crew: $91

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