Tech Tuesday: A New Take on Tie Clips

Tie bars have been pretty consistent in the type of engineering that is put into this little accessory. You either have the clip form that clasps onto your tie and shirt or it just slides over both of them, either way, there hast been much in the way of revolutionizing the tie bar.

Ellsworth and Clyde have managed to do just that with their new line of tie bars. For one, they have added wood and leather accents where you would only see metal or gem work. The true genius of this collection, however, is the introduction of magnetics as opposed to the previously mentioned clasp or slide tie bars; and even more noteworthy, these things are reversible to accommodate ties of all sizes.

Magnetic, reversible, and all under $70

It's a unique take on a piece that is on the rise in the fashion world and I will be interested to see what other developments come about! Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Tuesday for more tech!