Welcome to SParry Stylings!

As my first post, I would like to lead off by saying welcome and thank you for visiting! This blog will serve as a pseudo portfolio for my fashion and image consulting and also for me to rave and rant about the latest and greatest in apparel, accessories, technology, lifestyle tidbits, and anything I deem worthy of note.

Now onto my story:

I am a recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame's Engineering Entrepreneurship Masters (ESTEEM) Program and previously Florida Southern College with a major in Mathematics. You may be asking where this translates to fashion...I have cultivated a passion for being the best dressed individual in any room and subsequently created that image for myself among my family and friends. I have worked in retail at the capital of Prepdom aka Vineyard Vines and currently working for the American Eclectic designer brand, Robert Graham. Despite being on different points on the fashion spectrum, I still recognize the beauty of each brand and the necessity to have differentiation within the industry.

Back to working for Robert Graham...I have been there for almost 3 months now, seeing it as a temporary gig while I find a real job, something with engineering or technology or finance, but have started to realize that my true calling is fashion. I know it, I love it, and the only thing I love more than looking good, is being able to make other people look good too; this is where my idea for SParry Stylings came from! 

I will be targeting the male demographic seeing as I tend to be very clueless with women's fashion (with that said, I have a very capable women's consultant that I would gladly refer you to). Whether it be putting together your outfit for that big party or completely transforming your wardrobe, my goal as a fashion consultant is to help you become the best version of you possible. If I can make the littlest impact on your life, through fashion advice, I will have succeeded.

I plan to make posts on this blog at least once a day, so check in often and let other fashion enthusiasts know of my existence. These are going to be my unfiltered opinions on this page, so if you disagree or have an alternative idea on the matter, I would gladly listen to what you have to say; collaboration is the true fuel of innovation and plan on this being an innovative brand one day.

Once again, thank you for reading!!!