Friday Faux Pas: Flip Flops

This is officially the start and first real post on the blog. (Tentatively) I will be posting on this day, Friday, about particular fashion faux pas. As I will reiterate throughout this page, these posts are simply my opinion and not an attack on anyones beliefs or style, and if you have alternative opinions, please share with me. Ok, on to the topic at hand.


Now don't get me wrong, flip flops are a great choice for going to the beach, hitting the high seas, washing your car, or maybe running a quick errand...down the street...where no one will possibly see you. As with any part of fashion, there is a right time and right place for everything. For the flip flop, that time is "almost never" and place is "next to your front door in case of emergency". The only lower form of footwear than flip flops would have to be Crocs, which are my biggest fashion no-no. You may be thinking "Of all the possible topics, you picked flip flops..." and that decision is two fold; I live in Florida where sandals are more common on people than T-shirts and because a close friend of mine wore flip flops with jeans.

Lets go through the process of my friend getting ready: throw on some jeans, a belt, short sleeve button up shirt, a nice watch, and then take the time to style your hair. After all that effort to put together a casual outfit to walk around the mall, he puts on flip flops and flushes it all down the drain. In the effort it took to thread that thong between his toes, he could have easily slid on some casual loafers or boat shoes, making a complete outfit. I could care less what the sticker value is, which designer made them, or even more importantly, how much more comfortable they are than shoes...unless you are partaking in a sea voyage, you shouldn't be wearing flip flops.

Lets take a look at some high profile examples shall we:

Clearly, both examples show an outfit that required a lot of effort to put together but are both equally ruined in the choice of footwear. LEFT: Judging from the background, this red carpet event must be the Emmy's and this outfit would have been made complete with a dressy, black loafer or even an edgy suede, berry wingtip to add to the playfulness of it all. RIGHT: I'm guessing the designer running this show was going for a mesh between laid back and dressy, and I have no problem with that until you throw in a pair of "mandals"...a simple, khaki derby shoe (suede, canvas, leather, you pick) or a similarly colored, streamlined work boot, and its an outfit.

I think I'm getting the point across that if you are going to put in the effort to make a stylish garb for the day that it shouldn't fall short due to a pair of sandals. If you are too lazy to bend down and tie up a pair of casual shoes or sneakers, then get some versatile driving loafers that can be worn with just about anything.

Thank you for reading, come back again tomorrow!