Tech Tuesday: Sleek and Slim

One of my earliest Tech Tuesday posts featured a slim wallet design built by the team over at Silo with a simple and effective design. Its about time I reiterate the need for a slim wallet and not having a huge pocket bulge messing up your silhouette.
Keeping a wallet slim is a two-part battle that includes the manufacturer designing a wallet that is actually slim and the owner not trying to carry 4 credit cards, 6 membership cards, a drivers license, and a hefty wad of cash. I can't speak to your ability to eliminate unnecessary wallet clutter, but the team over at Bellroy have created a wallet that is built for slim. Not to say that all of their selection isn't slim, but they have recently improved previous designs to make the slimmest wallet you could fathom.
Featured in black, but comes in a variety of exciting colors.
The Slim Sleeve wallet is brought down to the bare bones of walletry (not a word, I know), constructed of just leather and stitching, also known as Bellroy's Nude Approach. The no-lining construction makes thin, thinner and durable even more so. It technically claims to hold up to 15 cards and cash, features high-quality leathers, has a 3-year warranty, and comes in at only $80, which means you'll still have money to put in the wallet.
Check in tomorrow for an item that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for some more exciting tech!