Monday Outlook: Colorful Plaids

In these Monday posts, I'm trying to keep all you loyal readers ahead of the fashion curve, so that you may be one of the best dressed individuals in your social circles. So now that we are getting into the heat of Spring and Summer (literally), its time to look into some transitional trends that will help you blend your summer wear into the fall.
The boys of Mad Men know how to do it.
Plaids are going to be your key to looking good this summer and continue going on that clip through fall, but not just any plaids, bright plaids. This criss-crossed style staple is great because they help to blend in different pieces since they incorporate more than one color, making it easy to pair. The kind that is most popular during summer is madras, a lightweight plaid weave originating from India that incorporates brighter and bolder colors.
Such a great summer look! Take notes.
Sport coats? Shirts? Pants? Ties? It doesn't really matter, all of them will work great in the coming months. So if you need something, replace it with some plaid, you'll be surprised how much you come to love that piece and how often you wear it. I highly recommend bleeding madras, which has unset dyes that change the appearance of the cloth after each laundering, making it feel new again and again.
Nick Wooster kills it with this madras sport coat.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for some more fashion trend insight to keep you ahead of the curve!