Threads for Thought/Friday Faux Pas: Mankles

Warm weather, sunny days, hot nights. there are only so many ways to say it, but summer is upon us and its better to be prepared to own this season. With limited layering, its the subtle things that play a not-so-subtle part in your wardrobe, but the little things need to be done right!
Bearing some ankle can be a risky move, but one that yields serious style points, and it can be done with almost all of your wardrobe. All of those warm weather pants styles, distressed denim to the tan suit trousers, can be adapted to fit the bill. If the inseams are too long, there is the option to hem them up or roll them up, with rolling being the least permanent and preferable of the two. Impromptu cuffs add a disheveled motif to a look without changing anything major and really flexes some serious style  know how; just avoid it with suit trousers, those need real cuffs.
And since this is the season for beach babes and bare ankles, it's important to know your bounds with this style move that is almost too easy to mess up. A normal pant break should happen right at the top of the vamp, any lower will look sloppy, but to show off some ankle, you'll need something just a tad higher. For the conservative, a quarter inch will be enough to embrace the look without making any of your pants too seasonal with a hem. The more aggressive may be comfortable with a full inch, but any higher is working towards cropped pants/manpris, and lets face it, we're not all Thom Browne models on the runway.
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!