Tech Tuesday: Huawei Does it Right

With all this buzz around the iWatch, it's important to understand that Apple isn't the only company producing smart watches. As a matter of fact, Basel World, the foremost gathering of watch makers and jewelers from around the world proved that connected accessories can be functional and fashionable at the same time. One of these innovative companies goes by the name of Huawei and they have produced a smart watch that looks better than even your sharpest mechanical watch. Using sapphire crystal, the same surface tech used on iPhone 6 screens, you get a clear image of whatever your viewing combined with the touch sensitivity you're already used to. Coupling the health tracking and intuitive interface with the classic design, the Huawei Smart Watch will be the watch you can wear everyday; it also helps that there are 40 preset watch faces available to choose from!

Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!