Monday Outlook: Hearty Hues

Remember the color of the year, the one that just so happened to be the highlight of the fall, it was neatly dubbed Marsala. The deep cognac shade was the perfect accent for an otherwise drab cold-weather palette. Well fall has come and gone and before you know it, so will winter, so it's time to take this color train into the spring.
This doesn't mean that burgundy is going to play so nicely come time for the flowers to start blossoming, but it does mean that shades of red will be a big hit. Everything from the richest reds to the babiest pinks will be all the rage when the sun finally decides to take a peak out from the clouds. And although wearing reds can present a potential problem, being a very overpowering hue, but feel comfortable utilizing it to the fullest potential.
Brighter, higher contrast reds should be reserved for accents and accessories; falling into the peacock color spectrum, they are best for livening up an outfit, not dominating it. That's where lighter, washed out versions come in handy to be focal points of an outfit, such as a shirt or even a suit. This is also a perfect time to pull the all important pink dress shirt that's been packed away for the winter to help with your transition wardrobe. As always reds pair famously with blues, but the sneaky favorite this spring will be green as a refreshing change of pace.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!