Monday Outlook: Pastels

When it comes to style, many things factor into what is actually stylish and fashionable, but one of the biggest happens to be color. And its not just the color itself, the saturation and depth both play a role as well.
Oily, rich colors fall in place with the fall and winter to pair with the the darker neutrals that accompany the seasons. So when the chill begins to diminish and the snow begins to clear, pastels will rule again, adding a lightness to every look this spring and summer. These washed out colors are everywhere, from sport coats to shoe laces, and the best part is there are no wrong turns in terms of color or pattern.
Stripes? Solids? Plaids? Patterns? They all work wonderfully as long as the colors suit you. Just thinking of all the lightweight clothing options should get you excited to pair these colors with seersucker, tan, and bright blues when it comes to suiting. Even still, since pastel hues are very light, they tend not to dominate or clash with each other, so they can be best friends in the same look with a shirt, tie and square combo; really test the waters with this trend!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!