Friday Faux Pas: Spending that Refund

The new year has come and gone, and that can only mean that tax returns are front and center. If you're a good little boy or girl, you've probably already filed by now and for the rest, you will be filing at some point in the not so distant future (sorry to burst that bubble).
But one major problem that happens when getting back copious amounts of mullah is the urge to spend it on something. Anyone that sells anything claims to have deals going on just around this time to help influence your buying decision, but beware f the sneaker nature of retail. This is a rare first-person cameo, but I work in retail and I'm around enough brands to know that stores of every pay-scale have sent back their fall and winter sale goodies and are looking to push new product down your throat.
Be smart, sit on that refund till the summer rolls around.
It may seem like this urge to splurge will never die down, but withstanding this little storm will lead to much more satisfaction down the road. 10% off now is going to seem rather wasteful when in about two months, designers will be starting to put some real discounts on resort and spring collections to make room for summer merchandise; we're talking actual discounts that are going to make some sort of difference in the grand total. Getting more bang for your buck is always fun, so do yourself a favor and save your refund.

Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for the next installment of my fashion faux pas!