Threads for Thought: Neoprene

With the way that the snow is falling, wind is blowing, and temperatures dropping all over, its time to cover ways to stymie the elements and remain functional and fashionable in the same clip. Its easy to throw on a puffy Eskimo coat and look like the Michelin Man, but its time to change up your outerwear experience.
To say "just layer on the cashmere and down" is one thing, but to actually be able to and not feel like a waddling duck is another entirely. So its a matter of finding a combination of warmth and weatherproof-ness (wind, rain, snow, etc.) all in one item. Now think of an item that looks just like fleece at a glance, but under closer inspection, turns out to be made out of wetsuit material; this is neoprene and its hitting the scene hard. Technical clothiers have known the benefits of neoprene for years, maintaining a supple nature while keeping the weather out while insulating. This is all well and good, but trudging around the city in a wetsuit just isn't acceptable, so designers have begun developing stylish silhouettes and trendy pieces, all in the winter wonder fabric, neoprene. The only tip to go by: don't get anything that wouldn't be stylish, neoprene or not. With that said, neoprene hasn't really clicked with the mainstream market so it may take some searching, but pounce on the chance when it arises.
Check in tomorrow for this week's installment of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for another piece that deserves your consideration!