Monday Outlook: Indigo 2.0

One of the staples in every man's wardrobe is a good pair of jeans, and for good reason; pairing anything with jeans is a no-brainer. So when it comes time to fully embrace jeans as a fashion movement, its best to heed the call.
Chambray was such a big part of 2014 spring style, providing a blank canvas for any outfit without being bland. Denim, new or vintage, can be just as dressy as it is casual and allows for that beloved high-low contrast that really fuels the modern man's style. It may have been the radical explosion of designer denim or the reemergence of selvedge, possibly a combination of the two, but no matter the cause, all of your favorites will be available from the inkiest to the most washed out denim.
Think of all the staples that a man should have, there's quite a list, but narrowing it down to the bare essentials will expose the opportunities for this trend. Replace a white dress shirt with a chambray work shirt, or sub out the navy blazer with the denim. Its even encouraged to pair them, just so long as the shades are different or its a noticeably different style; the denim Dan look is still frowned upon in this establishment. And on that note: even through a designer has a denim suit, doesn't mean it's OK to wear.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!